Anchoring Systems

Anchoring Your GarageOur metal garages can either be anchored on concrete or the ground. The vast majority of people install theirs on concrete but sometimes, a purchaser elects to have a gravel surface on the inside of the building in order to save the cost of pouring a concrete floor. This works fine if the garage is solely for storing RVs and such but not much good if you intend to “mechanic” or use the building for a workshop.

Metal Garages Anchored On Concrete:

Concrete Installation using Expansion Anchors:
We supply you with the proper number of 7” x ½” concrete expansion anchors or “RedHeads”. If you happen to lose one, you can get these at most any hardware store. Installation is by drilling the concrete where the pre-drilled hole in the base rails are and then inserting the expansion anchor, tapping it down all the way if necessary with a hammer, then placing the washer and threading on the nut (supplied with the anchor) and tightening it down.

Anchoring System InformationMore on installing your metal garage kit on concrete

Metal Garages Anchored On the ground
(gravel or grass)

Ground Installation using Concrete Caisson:
On larger units we recommend anchoring the base rails with a concrete caisson under each pre-drilled base rail hole. We make a hole 30” deep by about 8” in diameter. Then lay the base rails down, insert the 30” ground anchor and fill with posthole concrete.

More on installing with a Cassion system


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