The "Stand Alone" Steel Frame System

The "Stand-Alone Frame System" is the pre-engineered core of our Sierra steel garages. Basically, an Absolute Steel frame system is a lot like a wood frame system on a stick-built garage.

Use Any Exterior Material

Easy Slip-Joint Connections

Slip Join Connections
The "Slip-Joint" Connections make assembly a snap.

The difference between our frame system and other steel garages is that most steel building frame systems are supported by isolated, big heavy I-Beams that support the load of the building in isolated spots. The main support is offered by a large I-Beam. Then, by use of adjustment cables, the walls are tied to this I-Beam.

The Stand-Alone Frame vs. the I-Beam system:

An I-Beam bears almost the whole weight of the building. This adds a single point(s) of high stress to your foundation, causing you to have to pour beefed up footings underneath those I-Beams. This causes you a lot of unnecessary costs. That’s why engineered plans from those other companies never include the concrete and foundation plan—with all those isolated loads, the plans require a separate engineer just to perform soil stability tests and such to make sure the ground can support those excessive loads!

Our secret? The Stand-Alone frame system distributes weight evenly throughout the system.

An I-Beam is HEAVY and cumbersome to install, and typically takes a forklift or crane to raise and hold in place. Pieces do not fit properly and you’d better be handy with a cutting torch and welder. With an Absolute Steel frame system, two people can build a complete garage!

Unassembled, the heaviest piece of the Stand-Alone frame system is 29 pounds!! Yet it is super-tough and durable. In fact, you can typically carry your uninstalled frame system in the bed of a pickup truck or smaller flatbed trailer.

With I-Beam construction, heavier panels are required to support the garage. Typically, 26 gauge panels are used. You don't need anything this heavy except to support that structure. Totally unnecessary. Take away the exterior panels on other buildings, and you'll find there’s nothing there — no support, no stability! This is why the competition brags about those “heavy duty” 26 gauge panels… they need them!

With our frame system, the frame will be sturdy even with no panels installed! Just like a wood frame, the load is supported and distributed evenly throughout the frame.

With the "Stand-Alone" steel frame system, you will:

Not have to deal with those frustrating "cable-ties" on the gable ends. Those things are a bear to get adjusted properly - if they can be adjusted properly at all. Besides, we don't believe your garage should be wired together!

Save money on your concrete foundation! You won't need those massive 3' x 4' footings to support the isolated load of the I-Beam construction.

Save on engineering—our engineered plans include your concrete and foundation plan!

On the Sierra model, subject to certain modifications based upon your exterior material, you can use almost any type of exterior material you want on your garage - including wood, brick, stucco, etc. Make your steel garage match your house!

Corrosive Resistant Steel Frames:

There are several steel garage kits on the market. None of them provide you with the finest frame system made in the world. Ours are made of 2” x 3” with 14 & 15 gauge galvanized rectangular tubing. All of our steel frame components have the maximum galvanized protection: G90. Applied over the galvanized layer we apply patented clear coat to help our frames maintain their corrosive resistant reputation.

That’s why our building frame systems are in use by the United States Marines in Hawaii and our carport frame systems are used by Cargill Salt in their mines in Ohio to direct air flow down in the mine...imagine the moisture and salt inside that mine!

The competition uses bare steel, then paints it with a red oxide primer — there’s a reason they paint it the same color as rust!!

The Teton and Sonoran Garage Frames:

As mentioned, the "stand alone" frame system comes with our Sierra Garage. Our other garage types, the Teton and the Sonoran, do not incorporate the Stand-Alone Frame. However, these frames use the same rigid steel construction. The only difference is that these garage frames do not have the Sierra's horizontal components. Other than that, they are the same. The panels on the Teton and Sonoran garages help to lock the system in place. They are applied in a horizontal fashion adding structural integrity to the building that does not require the use of girts and purlins. Engineering that meets your area’s wind and snow loads are available on all our frame systems.

The steel frame

I-Beams Require Heavy Equipment
Our Frames DO NOT.
Steel Frame

None of this is necessary with our garage kits.

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