Garage Kit Styles

The Sierra Garage

The Sierra Series garage kit is designed to reflect the traditional steel building without the industrial appearance of the old school steel buildings.

The heart of the structure is the "stand alone" frame system that can be purchased separately depending on the customers needs.

It is a versatile frame system that, with minor adjustments depending upon the exterior material used, allows the use of various exterior wall and roof coverings including stucco and asphalt shingles.

The standard Sierra Series garage kit includes the "stand alone" frame system, exterior panels that are applied in a vertical fashion and the standard trim package.

The vertical panel application allows for an installation that is easy to understand and allows for a margin of error for the beginner and will be a breeze for the experienced do-it-yourselfer.

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The Teton Garage

The Teton Series garage was designed for the customers looking for the strength and durability of a steel building without the steel building appearance.

This building is at home in urban areas or has the strength and durability needed for the rural environment.

From the hobby shop to the industrial repair shop, this maintenance-free building will give you years of service.

It has a distinct residential profile that includes 12" eave overhangs and rugged steel panels that look like wood shiplap siding.

The heavy duty 26 gauge panels are installed in a horizontal application that allows for a simple installation from the ground up and a trim design that adds to the dimension of the building.

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The Sonoran Garage

The Sonoran Series garage (standard) is our most economical and easiest to assemble building.

The building performs well in rural areas in the farm or ranch environment for most storage needs, including equipment or hay storage.

It also can be used in the urban and suburban areas as a utility storage building for boats, cars, trucks or general warehouse storage.

This is the building that the customer can start by purchasing and installing a carport and then over time add additional side panels, a back enclosure, a front enclosure, enclosing the entire structure, thereby turning the carport into a garage.

With the horizontal panel application the Sonoran is designed to be easy to assemble for the do-it-yourselfer with limited tools and construction knowledge.

The Sonoran is best used in areas with limited snowfall due to the horizontal panel ribbing.

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