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Obviously, it is not possible for us to stay current with all the governing municipalities in this country that regulate building requirements in their respective areas of jurisdiction.

While all of our garage kits are portable and removable in that just as they are bolted and screwed together, they can be unbolted and unscrewed for disassembly, Absolute Steel makes no guarantees that you will not be required to obtain a building permit before erecting your garage.

Ultimately, YOU are responsible for adhering to the guidelines set by your local building department. It is your responsibility to determine whether to gain a building permit and to follow local building codes.

Many of our customers do not obtain permits even though we always inform them that anything that is affixed to the ground requires a building permit. At minimum, we suggest that you observe the required property setbacks and the distance from other buildings on the site so you do not erect the structure in violation of where it is allowed to go on your land. Obtaining a building permit after the fact is not much trouble if you you adhere to this simple suggestion.

Compliance with your local building codes is your responsibility.

What to Expect:

In some cases, we have sold structures to out-of-state customers who have gone to their local building department and found that submitting our assembly instructions is adequate for permitting purposes and that they do not need engineered garage plans. However, we do not recommend going to the department after the fact.

If you are not obtaining a permit, it’s a good idea to photograph (show the measuring tape to clearly illustrate) the depth of your concrete caissons or footings and floor, whatever is applicable, and to include a photo of the properly placed steel rebar in the footings for a building.

Visit our garage floor information page for advice on what is recommended by engineers for our building and carport / canopy products.

Permit Review & Design Fees

Talk to your local building department and find out what they charge for permitting. In some cases they can charge upward of $800 just to review your design plans. However, we have had customers report the fee being as little as $100. Again, it simply depends on your local municipality.

Obtaining Original Engineered Garage Plans for Your Garage Kit

If you decide that you want to get a building permit and need to submit engineered plans for your garage, we can help. We have relationships with licensed engineers in most states with whom we work with to provide you with original engineered plans showing all the appropriate structural calculations, along with the concrete/foundation plan, for your local building department. The engineers are familiar with the garage kits we offer.

Should you request the normal requirement of three sets of original stamped and sealed plans by an engineer licensed in your state, we can provide you with them. There is a fee of $550.00 for this service. Custom or nonstandard structures are sometimes a bit more.

We are not in the business of selling plans for a profit; this is what we are charged for the “signature” and the engineer having the liability for his/her calculations. We will always do this for you, even if you find you need them after the structure is erected. We have no desire to sell you garage plans if you can not use them.

Check Your Set Back Requirements

Before ordering engineered plans for your garage kit, you will need to check with your local building department and verify they will allow you can put the building where you plan. Every building department or planning and zoning department has certain rules about “accessory structures” which is what our products are usually defined as.

Remember, before ordering engineered plans be sure to make sure that the structure is allowable at your site -- we have no desire to sell you garage kit plans if you can not use them. It would be a waste of your money!

Two very important items to ask about in order to verify you can build the structure are:
1. Property “set back” requirements, or distance from your property line, in which they will allow something to be built.
2. Distance from other structures

When speaking with your local authority, make sure to obtain the engineering design loads described below.
Assuming you have checked out the above described items and your placement of the building complies with the regulations, you are ready to move forward with ordering your engineered plans.

IMPORANT: Before you submit the form below, you must find out and furnish us with all the design loads called for on the forms. We can not order plans without this information. This information can be obtained from your local building department. The information you will need is:

1) Wind load
2) Snow load
3) Seismic Zone
4) Live Load
5) Building Code
6) Any other information that you will need on your plans. You will just have to ask them.

Once you have this information, please print a copy of the engineering request form and fax it to us at 480-768-1514. Please include a hand drawn sketch of the floor plan you have in mind.

We will then provide you with a more detailed and “to scale” floor plan along with an invoice for the official signed plans. You can review this invoice and then arrange payment with us.

Because this is an out-of-pocket expense, Absolute Steel does not order your engineered plans unless they are paid in full.

Please Note: If you are only required to provide ”shop drawings” or copies of engineered garage plans (no original signature or seal and perhaps not originally prepared by an engineer licensed in your state) and we have them in our archives, which we often do, we charge you nothing.

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