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This section of our website contains various options that are available to customize or accessorize your garage.

When ordering nonstandard features for your garage that require custom welds/parts we want you to know that all welds are performed in our shops by welders that are certified by the American Welding Society. Carlos Ortez, who obtained all his welding certifications on scholarships, is the head of that department at Absolute Garages. Carlos takes great pride in his work and values the certifications he has been issued.

Carlos Ortez,
Chief Welder

All welds are performed in accordance with
the standards set forth by the Amercian
Welding Society

Available Sizes

Widths: 12’ 14’ 18’ 20’ 24’ 30’
Custom widths are available/shop cutting charges applicable.

Lengths: 20’ plus expandable in 5’ or 4’ increments.
Custom lengths (not in 4’ or 5’ increments) are available/shop fabrication charges applicable.

Note: 4’ On Center frame systems are usually recommended for Snow Loads over 30 lbs per square foot (#30 psf). This frame system is also recommended when you plan to drywall the inside of your building or when applying an exterior material that comes in 4’x8’ sheets.

Heights: Standard heights (measured from the ground/floor to the eave) begin at 7’ 6” and go up in one foot increments to 12’ 6”. Additional heights are available but special order engineering fees may be applicable if engineered plans are to be purchased.

Truss Bracing:

All structures over 20’ wide and in some areas 20’ wide structures require truss bracing. Based upon seeing a wide variety of engineered plans pass our desk, we make every attempt to make an experienced assessment of exactly what kind of truss brace system you’ll require for your area’s snow loads and seismic zone.

The different truss brace systems offered in our buildings are pictured below:

Each set of circumstances is different not only based upon your unique area (Design Criteria are available from your local Building Department) but also unique circumstances. For example, should you intend to attach ½” OSB or plywood along with a heavier conventional roofing material (shingles etc.) to your roof, we would suggest a truss system designed for heavier loads.

Please be candid when discussing your intentions with your building consultant so as to receive the best possible advice and so that your building can be properly quoted.

Garage Doors

Included with the price of each complete building kit is one gable end garage door frameout (and trim). Extra gable end garage door frameouts and trim are $300 each and an eaveside door and trim is $500 per each opening. (Any size)

There really are no height restrictions of the garage doors—we just need to know what sizes you are intending so we can calculate whether what you want will fit in the building you are purchasing. All garage doors, whether rollup or sectional, have height requirements (above the door opening) due to tracks or coils and these calculations vary with the height of the door.

You should know that oddball door sizes can be costly when it comes time to purchasing the door(s). For example, say you’re purchasing an average sized 2 car garage and want a door that will accommodate 2 cars. Your standard 2 car garage door, the kind you see in most subdivision housing, is a 16’W x 7”H. Go to a 16’ W x 8’ and the price is 25% higher.

Pedestrian Doors:

Included with the purchase of your building/garage is one pedestrian door frameout and the exterior trim for it. Pedestrian door frameouts can be put almost anywhere on your building—the pedestrian door frameout fits between the 5’ or 4’ On Center verticals of the frame system.

Standard pedestrian door frameouts are 3’ W x 6’8”H.
Extra pedestrian door frameouts and accompanying trim are $70 each.


Window frameouts (and trim) are not included in the price of your garage/building. Each window frameout will accommodate a window of up to 3’x3’ and is easily adjusted by you when assembling if your intended window size is less than 3’x3’. Window frameouts and accompanying trim are $95 each.


Roof skylightsSkylights are a great alternative to windows because they are up on the roof and therefore offer greater security than a window. There are two kinds of skylights: Ridgecap Skylights and Roof Panel Skylights.

Roof Skylights:

These are available in either clear polycarbonate or soft white fiberglass. While the manufacturer’s warranty does not vary with either type, we prefer the soft white fiberglass because that product has been around for years and is “tried and true”. Both are easy to install as they have the same profile as the panels and merely “slip in” where you want them provided there are purlins at the proper places to anchor them. Please call (888) 767-3690 for pricing.

Ridge cap skylightsRidge Cap Skylights:

This type of skylight is put on in lieu of the steel ridge cap that normally covers your peak. It is available only in the clear polycarbonate. Customers tell us that they really like this type of skylight—it runs the whole length of a building, thereby letting in a consistent stream of light throughout the entire length of the building. In addition, its placement and width makes it the most secure of any natural lighting device. Please call (888) 767-3690 for pricing.


CupolasGreat word but what is it??? A copula is sort of a miniature building up on the peak, usually centered in the middle of a building. A copula can hide a roof vent or just be put there because it looks good. They are often seen with a weathervane on top. They are available in the following colors: white, evergreen, red, charcoal grey, brown and black.

Weather vanes can be just about anything…a pig, horse, antique auto, eagle, horse & buggy, cow, rooster mallard duck, pheasant, sailboat.

Available Sizes: 24” x 24”, 36” x 36” and 48” x 48”.

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