Steel Garage Kits

Our garage kits are engineered to be of the highest quality and to look great on your property.

Adding a garage to your property can not only raise your property value, it PROTECTS your investment. That investment can be anything from a car, truck, RV or even shop equipment! But you know this. What you need to know is what makes our kits the PREMIER kits.


Each garage is designed to stand with class. Your garage can be ordered in a number of panel and trim color combinations. We also offer several different styles to choose from.

Don't want metal panels? Our Sierra garage kits give you the flexibility of using most any exterior material you want - wood, stucco, brick, whatever!

The Teton

Designed with strength and durability of a steel building without the steel building appearance
Teton Garage

The Sonoran

The Sonoran Series garage is our most economical and easiest to assemble building.
Sonoran Garage

The Sierra

Features our “stand alone” frame system when exterior materials other than steel panels are desired.
Sierra Garage



Our garage kits are designed to be easy to install. "Engineered Easy" we like to say. Hours of labor are spent at the factory on your garage frame, so YOU don't have to spend that time on-site. Standard frame kits can be assembled with state-of-the-art "slip-fit" connections, and can be fully assembled in a weekend.

Our garages are designed for the do-it-yourselfer, but if you do not want to tackle this project, DON'T DESPAIR! Most any handyman familiar with a few basic tools can assemble our buildings—just ask us to mail or e-mail a set of instructions to you and find out for yourself!


Our steel garage kits are MADE IN AMERICA with a 2" X 3"
(14 & 15 gauge) galvanized steel frame system. This frame has a yield strength of 50,000 psi. This means that our frame systems are designed to support the load of your garage. There are NO heavy I-Beams, NO cables and NO isolated stress loads!

Our frame systems have a patented triple coat process applied to the galvanized outer layer for maximum corrosive resistance. These frames are not only resistant to corrosion and rust, but you will also avoid termites, wood rot, frequent paint jobs and you will save money in materials too!

Standard Frame Kit with Western Siding

A Garage Kit Converted to a Recreation Room


We can deliver most anywhere in the country. You can choose to order just the frame system, then get panels elsewhere. Or, like most folks, order the entire garage kit from us. You can choose from a variety of sizes, styles, colors. You can add an extra door, a few windows or even a peppy rooster if you want —no kidding, we have copulas with all sorts of weather vanes available!


We get shopped daily. We know for a fact that we regularly beat the competition's pricing. Shop around and then get an instant online quote from us! You'll see.


If you reside outside of Arizona, your steel garage frame package is shipped to you directly from us and the panels will be delivered directly from the manufacturer or we will locate a panel source close to you. This saves us from incurring additional handling costs and the possibility of your panels being damaged during shipping. This method ensures you get your garage at the best possible price!

And you don’t have to live in Arizona to save money. After a lot of comparison shopping, we have found that our prices are as much as 30% below the local vendors selling a similar system! That’s because when you deal with Absolute Steel & Storage, you’re dealing directly with the source, not merely a website distributor having a factory drop ship to you.

Our Garage Kits Include Quality Customer Service

Besides our low prices, easy installation, quick delivery and superb garage kits, one of the things we hear most often from our previous customers is how they appreciate our service after the sale. We often get pictures from our proud customers of their garage kits after completion, along with a big "Thank You"

Actually, it's us that owe our customers the thanks.

Thank You

We appreciate your business!

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