Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes of garage kits do you offer?
Garages are available in widths from 10’ to 30’ wide; lengths are from 20’ long to larger in 4’or 5’ increments. Our metal garages are offered in standard heights starting at an eave height of 7.5’ and can be increased in 1’ increments up to a 12.5’ eave height. A 12.5’ eave height can give you a peak height of 16'3"’ on a 30’ wide garage!
How much are your garages?
We will be more than happy to give you a customized quote. In fact, you can get one right now at Instant Online Quotes. No waiting, no forms to fill out! How’s that for service? If you have custom ideas, please call us at (888) 767-3690 .
Do I need to get a building permit from my local building agency to install this?
That all depends on the size of your structure and your local building department’s regulations. Most of time, the answer is yes. We cover much of this information in our Engineered Plans section.
I am not a construction guy. What if I don't want to build my garage?
No problem. Our garages are designed for the do-it-yourselfer. That means that they are designed to be easy to install. This means it’s easy for you to install or you can save a lot of money when you have someone else do it for you—either way you come out ahead! If you don't want to do it yourself, you can easily find someone in your local area who can do the job for you in a matter of days. A local contractor, or even a general handyman should have no problems. For more information, visit our Professional Installation page.
I am handy with home improvement projects, but this is a big job. Can I do this?
YES! Again, our garage kits are designed with the DIYer in mind. You will get all parts and hardware needed along with detailed instructions. Our kits require no forklifts, no welding, no cranes. The heaviest parts of your kit weigh approximately 29 pounds. Two people can easily erect a building…we’ve had husband and wife teams do it (and they're still married)! For more information on a DIY install, visit our DIY installation section.
What if I get stuck. Will you answer questions?
A resounding “Yes” is the answer to that! Our customer service department is an important part of what we provide you — it is part of what you pay for and we know that. Yes, we can answer questions for you, or give you a little push in the right direction if you need it.
I have seen these garage kits offered elsewhere. Why should I buy yours?

You may have seen a similar product on the market before—any innovator of superior products will be imitated. But just remember; the difference is in the assembly. Other kits have connections that have two female ends that are attached by a sleeve that fits into each female end.

Other kits have connections that have two female ends that are attached by a sleeve that fits into each female end. Not only does this add about 33% more parts (plus twice the amount of work) to assemble but it also requires that each connection be measured to match the other so that roof lines etc. are level. Two and sometimes three people are required, very often-using string lines, to hold these parts together in precise positions while another person affixes them together with self-tapping screws. Our frames have a male end and a female end. Simply slip them together, tap them snug and use the self-tapping screws to affix the joints together. Frame assembly is a one-man job!

Furthermore, over the years we have improved beyond what the copycats are presently touting as the “latest”. We’ve minimized the fabricated parts on our system which means they just can’t compete price-wise but more importantly, it means many of the parts are very easily adaptable in the field if you have issues that you run into on the jobsite.When you’re ahead of the pack — you stay there by hard work and always seeking to improve.

I live near the ocean, so won't my frame get corroded and rusty?

Actually, you'll see wear and tear from the elements quicker with a wood frame than with one of our metal frames. There are many different steel building kits on the market today. None of them provide you with the finest frame system made in the world. Our main frame is constructed of 2” x 3” with 14 & 15 gauge galvanized rectangular tubing. All our steel tube then has a galvanized top coat applied to the surfaces. Then, applied on top of the galvanized surface is a patented clear coat process which adds to the corrosive-resistant reputation of our frames.

That’s why our building frame systems are in use by the United States Marines in Hawaii and our carport frame systems are used by Cargill Salt in their mines in Ohio to direct air flow down in the mine ...imagine the moisture and salt inside that mine!

The competition uses a bare steel frame that they spray with a red oxide primer — there’s a reason they paint it the same color as rust!

Ok, I'm sold. I want to order your product, but how much will this cost to ship? Won't the great price be lost with shipping charges?
NO, not at all. Our quotes outside of Arizona include shipping to your destination so you won't get any surprises along the way. If you reside outside of Arizona, your steel garage frame package is shipped to you directly from us and we will make arrangements to have the panels shipped directly from the panel manufacturer to your jobsite or locate a panel source close to you if you prefer. This saves us (and you) from incurring additional handling costs and the possibility of your panels being damaged during shipping. This method ensures you get your garage building kit at the best possible price!

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